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What are in my shack at the moment

From top row: 1. OPEK 7-25 communication speaker 2. MFJ-259B HF/VHF SWR Analyzer 3. Linksys WRT54GL wireless AP/router
Middle row: 4. Yaesu FTM-10R dual band VHF/UHF 5. Diamond SX-200 SWR & Power Meter 6. TeleConcept SPS82500 switching power supply
Bottom row: 7. Yaesu FT-897 HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver 8. MFJ-949E Deluxe Versa Tuner II
Side of the cabinet: 9. Digital clock/thermo/calendar - GMT 10. VOIP phone
What are up in the air: 11. Diamond X200 UHF/VHF antenna 12. Diamond CP-6 80m-6m HF antenna 13. Diamond W8010 dipole - broadband antenna but only 10m/20m portion is up there
What near the earth: 14. RG214 connecting the CP-6 to the tuner 15. RG214 connecting the W8010 to the tuner 16. RG8 connecting the X200 to FTM10R 17. Three Diamond lightning arrestors as insurance :)

What in the cupboard or hiding under the table: 18. Yaesu FC-40 automatic antenna tuner for long wire 19. Buddystick HF portable antenna 20. Yaesu G-250 rotator 21. Diamond A144S10R 10-elemement 2meter Yagi 22. 3-element 10meter Ya…

Renewing your insurance and road tax - online, yes, in Malaysia the bolehland country.

When I was in Manchester from 2002-2007, I had always used online services to buy/renew my car insurance. Most if not all the time trouble-free. But I still need to drop by the post office to renew my tax, queuing up behind those people trying to withdraw their weekly allowance/council benefit. When I got back to Kuala Lumpur, it did not come across my mind that in Malaysia, you could do all these online.
After twice renewing my insurance & tax the normal way, by going to an agent or direct to the head office of the insurance company, yesterday, I tried to do it the fast way .. online with minimal charges. I was contemplating either to renew my insurance online and then go to post office to renew my tax.. but then again, there is this myeg (does it stands for my-e-government??) which could actually do this for me without leaving my home-office.
Getting a quote wasn't that hard and it seems that it is standard.. just fill in how much the value of your car. To get an indication,…

Finally, CP-6 installed ..!!!

Took a break from work this morning, too much work makes me dull for sure .. haa..haa. So, armed with few poles and self-made brackets, I braved myself to install the CP-6 which I bought last weekend. First, I need to move the existing Diamond X-200 to make a way for the CP-6. Since the CP-6 will be a bit heavier than X-200, it needs a sturdier setup. I did both, moving the -X200 .. tested and it seems to be okay .. and go ahead with installation of CP-6.
I am yet to finish the installation, I have not route the cable properly and it is not connected to my rig yet. I'll do that most probably tomorrow morning .. no more energy to do the rest. I will snap some photos and surely will post it here ..
Update: Connect it up to my rig, could receive audio on 20M from VK land alright and surely 40M .. but the SWR is quite high. So, need to go up again tomorrow and retune the radials. I guess having the MFJ259B is really handy for this sort of job.
Update 2: Radials had been retuned to reso…

9W2OMG is on the air!

Was trying to post this while we were down south, but could not get a good 'free' internet connection. Anyway, my daughter is now a licensed ham with a 9W2OMG callsign. Probably she is among the few 14 years old hams getting their licenses this year. 
Anyway, she has her own handy now, a Kenwood TH-F7E which has a lot of features which I didn't realised when I bought it. It has dual monitoring, it is a dual band HT and guess what, it is a scanner too which could receive SSB. That is interesting for sure.. 
Tomorrow will be a big day for me.. I'm going to make a bit of adjustment on my base antenna setup. I've bought a Diamond CP-6 vertical antenna .. and I guess it is the right time for me to put it up. I've surveyed my roof top and I guess, the X200 need to make a move for the CP-6. Helpers? Nah, don't think I need to organise an antenna party .. I'll ask my daughter help for sure :) Family antenna party may be .. haa..haa.. Will try to post any photos t…

Congratulations Aisyah!

Radio Amateur Examination result was out yesterday and guess what, my daughter passed her RAE in her first try. It seems there are quite a number of 14 years old taking up the examination last December and a number of them passed and becoming one of the youngest amateur radio operators (hams) in Malaysia. 
Now, a trip down south seems imminent .. but need to decide which is suitable set for her. Most probably a 5W VHF handy will be good enough for her activities in the Scout but will see what other options that we have in term of design and brands. And surely, killing two birds with a stone .. am looking forward for an HF vertical antenna too. 
My 10m and VHF yagi are now on the auction table. Anybody interested?