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SAP - Debugging a background job

I guess you've come across this from time to time, how on earth we could do debugging when we run our code in background(batch) mode. 
I've come across two methods:
1. If the job is not running yet or already completed, go to your code, put a break point and then go to SM37, select the job that you want to debug and issue JDBG in the OK_CODE field. Hit Enter key and just press F8 until it goes to the break-point that you set.
2. If the job already running, go to SM50 and select the work process and go to Program/Mode -> Program -> Debugging.

ARDF fox hunt - V17 Open 2009

ARDF - Fox hunt - V17 Open 2009 will be held on the 5th April, 2009. For those who're interested in participating in the fox hunt, head up to the following website for more information regarding the fox hunt:

And what is ARDF?
Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) is the sport of finding a very low power hidden radio transmitters on foot, using radio receiver, antenna, map, and compass in diverse. ARDF joins orienteering skills like the proper use of topographic maps, compass skills, and locational awareness, with radio direction finding skills using hand-held portable receivers and antennas. It is great fun for young and old alike - an opportunity for personal challenge in the great outdoors!

APRS craziness!

I've heard a lot about APRS but I'm yet to get into it. In recent months, the APRS community in Kuala Lumpur seems to be active and generates interest among local ham community. The first ever APRS digipeater is going to be up and running real soon now. And surely, your truly does not want to be left out. I've Garmin eTrex which I bought quite a long time ago (in July 2000 actually when I was in Houston TX) which I don't really use it. Been using it previously for navigation, using a software running on my Palm Vx (which I still have it somewhere in one of my many boxes of old stuff) and used it for geocaching activities when I was in UK (2002-2006). Now, it seems that I could put a good use to it .. by streaming my GPS position to strangers :D
Anyway, to make long story short, I was about to brew my own tracker board but I'm not easily satisfy with thing that is limited to sending out packet. I was looking high and low for a device which could encode and decode th…