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ILLW 09 / 9M4LHB - Bukit Malawati Lighthouse

Attended the ILLW 09 field day at Bukit Malawati Lighthouse, Kuala Selangor (MY0005)/9M4LHB last weekend. Forgotten to bring a camera with me but my friend has posted few on the facebook.

Anyway, due to various engagements, I couldn't get to the lighthouse earlier. The team was there much earlier .. they went on Friday and setting up the station early on Saturday morning. I was there in the late afternoon, reaching around 5:30pm and stay back until almost midnight.

How many contact stations did I get? Hmm.. probably around 7-8 .. bands were closed quite early that night. Thanks all .. see you guys again next year!

(photos ripped off from Rabin's facebook album) ..

Blardy damn hot .. my MBP that it ..

I was browsing the net when suddenly I felt so blardy hot .. and looking at the temp on the task bar .. damn .. 90 degrees!!! That is not normal for sure .. firing up Activity Monitor .. found two processes chewing lot of CPU time .. ATSServer and MDWorker were the culprit .. did a search on the net and found out that SpotLight is indexing the PDF files that I'm downloading from you know where... so following the suggestion to exclude the directories where the PDF files in .. I can see the two processes went back to normal.. So guys, if you've Leopard running and suddenly it goes hot and you see these two ATSServer and MDWorker processes .. go to System Preferences, click on the SpotLight icon and exclude the directory where your PDF files reside ..