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CUPS + HL-2140 (USB printer) + WZR-HP-G300NH + OpenWRT

Why running CUPS on the router?

I've had a small home server running Ubuntu to server the whole house, but it seems I'm the only one using it fully. I had my Brother HL-2140 connected to the server but since I've some spare room left in the router, why not run the print server on the router?

But why CUPS?

The other option I've is running non-spooling server, p910nd, but I believe I should make full use of the free space/memory on the router. If the router overloaded, I'll consider using p910nd later on.

What needs to be done to get CUPS running?

You need a capable router, WZR-HP-G300NH is one. It has 32MB flash ROM and 64MB RAM. I'm currently running OpenWrt Backfire 10.03.1-RC6 on it.

To install CUPS, just use LUCI to install the cups package.

How about getting the HL-2140 USB printer to work along?

There is nothing special, cups seems to have supported USB printer, so we shouldn't need to install the kmod-usb-printer package. It seems that the CUP's bac…