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9M2MI IOTA/ILLW 2016 DXpedition

A bit late in posting this entry. I was one of the crew members that went for the IOTA/ILLW 2016 DXpedition at Pulau Undan.

Here is the video made by my friend, 9W2SBD (also one of the crew). Enjoy!

TNC-Pi 2 + Raspberry Pi 2 + LCDProc

It has been a while my igate was down because of lightning strike and I have never got a chance to bring it alive again. It was few months back when I was bored and ordered a couple of TNC-Pi 2 from The kits arrived a couple of week later and had it assembled them in no time (the first kit was up and running on the same day I received the kits).

The first kit during assembly period (pardon my soldering skill):

The first kit done:

In operation, couldn't find a good case to put them in, so for now, this is the best I could do :)

Software wise, I'm running the latest Debian Jessie on Raspi 2, with the latest aprx, lcdproc and weewx. I've wrote a simple python code to read the aprs-rf.log file and pass it over to lcdproc to display it on a 20x4 LCD. This LCD is from my previous project that has been abandoned. Everything seems to work great so far.

My first python code (pardon the coding style), can be found here.…