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Canon 20D

UPSR result was out last week and though my daughter's result is not the best around but it seems that she could get hold of Bahasa quite well. She scored As in Penulisan, Maths and surely English but Bs in Pemahaman and Science. Since she has struggled enough for the past 6 months trying to get hold of Bahasa, I think it paid off. Anyway, she wanted a DSLR for her birthday and present for her UPSR.. a new entry level DSLR can set us around RM2400 for Canon 400D with kit lens and accessories .. was interested on going for Nikon, but my camera buddy suggested against that. So .. was looking around for the best deal around town but hey, saw somebody is trying to sell off his Canon 20D, an intermediate DSLR for less than 400D with kit lens. My camera buddy persuaded me to go for this camera instead.. so, finally, my daughter becomes a proud owner of a Canon 20D DSLR .. since I've 50% of my share on the usage .. hey, I'm looking for an upgrade now .. hee.. hee.. not the body,…