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Getting astrill vpn to work with OpenWRT (the hard way)!

I've just subscribed to Astrill vpn service with a thought that they've openwrt scripting works as per the old twitter post that saying they're working on it. But to my dismay, they still doesn't have one that work. I created a support ticket as suggested by a twitter reply from Astrill support but it came back saying that they only support DD-WRT, so, no openwrt, fonera or tomato support at the moment.

The reason why I'm sticking with OpenWRT on my WZR-HP-G300NH router is, I've got the VLAN port & tagging to work on this router with the latest OpenWRT trunk. And reading many DD-WRT related notes, they still couldn't get the VLAN port/tagging to work on the router, hence, I'm stuck.

So, what did I do today? Searching for more information on the net on how to get the openvpn client to work on OpenWRT. If you know the way, surely, it is not hard.. but it took me few hours to figure out what I need to get this thing working.

So, what you need to get as…