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Maplin N96GY(WH1080) WX station + APRS

During my trip back to Manchester last month, I've got myself a cheapo WX station. Sold by Maplin under it's Maplin Gadget brand with N96GY model, I made to understand by reading some of the documentation found in Maplin website, it is an OEM from Fine Offset Electronics which produces few variants of the WX station with USB connectivity. I was a bit hesitate to buy it at first since 1) it is cheap 2) getting it to connect to a router will be a hassle. After few more research, I found out that there is a package called FOWSR available for OpenWRT and the price paid might be worth it to get it up for a year or so before getting something better/more expensive.

Assembling the unit is a no brainer, don't think you need to look at the manual to get the outdoor unit assembled. I've got it mounted on my porch since my house only has a small garden. For those who're thinking of putting a weather station, you should follow the one suggested here:…

MODIFICATION: Embedding GPS into TMD710A's head unit

My Garmin NUVI 350 has been intermittently giving me a problem which I believe caused by the power connector. For some reason, slight movement will cause the NUVI to loose it power. So, I'm retiring my NUVI, will still use it for day-to-day navigational (sourcing the power from the right side connector) and I've embedded a GPS module inside my TMD710A's head unit instead.

It is a straight forward project, that is after I did some "research" on the net and found few who've done it before. I based my mod from the this website:

Here are the photos taken from the mod.

1. Scarifying my PS/2 serial GPS. Removed the casing, we're interested on the inner module which has both, the antenna & GPS receiver module.

2. Fully stripped, no only bare module & pig tails connector, left a good length of wires for the mod.

3. Trying to find the best place based on the website that I referred to, but decided that I don't want to loos…

Configuring TechniColor TG784N V3 (Maxis issued broadband router) to use different DNS servers

Previous write up deleted. It seems to change the DNS servers in as shown on the status, but it does not really work.

Check the following website, this seems to work:

This can be done from the WEB GUI too, go into the following configuration path:

In my example above, I'm using paid service unblock-us instead of google public DNS servers.