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SAP/ABAP - external debugging/breakpoint gone haywire

Have you come across an external debugging gone haywire? You tried so many times trying to put in a external breakpoints but your BSP code never stop at your breakpoints? Somehow, I've experienced this too many times while debugging my BSP codes and found that the external debugging table gone haywire .. searching OSS note found a note with a way to remove these haywire breakpoints .. run RSBREAKPOINTS and remove whatever you've there. This should solve your problem..

Micro Four Thirds Camera - Lumix DMC-GF1

Nothing much happening in my ham world, so a bit bored and trying to find something interesting to play with. That is why I ventured out looking for something new. I've been looking for a replacement P&S camera since my Sony DSC-P200 was 'nicked' by my daughter :) I was interested on m43 camera but I didn't decide on what to get until last week. For some reason, I didn't consider OLY-PL1 at all but I was eyeing for Sony NEX-5 instead. Not until last few days when I narrowed down my selection to either Lumix DMC-GF1 or GF2. This time, I wasn't interested on the dual lenses package but narrowed it down to only the 20mm pancake lens.  I will get a zoom lens if needed but not for now, there are quite number of options if I want to go for zoom lens, more and more lens manufacturers are coming out with m43 lenses.. so .. until then, I believe the 20mm pancake lens is good enough for me. Well, only GF1 comes with a 20mm lens, so, I went ahead and got myself a GF1.…