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Showing posts from July, 2009

10m Delta Loop

Received an email from Yew Fai, my new contact on 10m yesterday sharing what he has at his QTH. Should not be that difficult if someone wants to brew his/her own delta loop.

Hope someone could make use of it..

Fish pond & landscaping ..

Finally, the fish pond is ready but not 100% ready for fish yet. I'm still doing a 'run-in' or 'recondition' for another week or so before I'm certain that I could put fish there.. for now, it just added feature in my garden..

Anyway, we did a few trips to Sg Buloh nurseries, buying some plants to fill up our not-so-big garden. It has been a year since we moved in and we haven't done anything much on the garden until lately.. when out of sudden, we were interested to have it fill up with greens.. anyway, enjoy some photos of the finished garden..