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SAP - Creating customer with multiple company codes using IDOC - Message type = DEBMAS

I had a hard time to make this thing working, replicating customer from CRM and extending the company codes to more than one. The standard CRM -> R/3 won't have a company code and some of the information available during the replication. However this can be added in few places, one of them is using BTE (transaction FIBF->Infosystem P/S), event DE_BALE. We can add our own entries into the CT_IDOC_DATA or manipulate the entries.

To get the multiple company codes to work, it seems that the sequence of segments in the CT_IDOC_DATA is important. I was reading the problem found here: which says that someone had the same problem as me, "Fill all required fields " kind of error.  It took me few hours replicating the sequence, trials and errors and found out that the sequence of segment in CT_IDOC_DATA is important. I couldn't get pass the error if I have the E1KNB1M segment (and it's child segments) earlier than the E1KNVVM segment…