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Sungai Buloh is one of the first few lucky areas which get the UNIFI after the trial run ended in June. And I believe I was among the first few who are 'lucky' to get it installed when it is made available from July 2010. The TM contractors had been working on the underground cables for quite sometime and I was excited the first time I saw..

Anyway, mine was finally installed on the 8th July, I've asked for earlier installation but they need to wait for the underground contractor to lay the final run from the nearest point to my house. Full installation took around 6 hours but I was told, some other places that don't require underground cabling, the installation team took much less .. 3 hours or less. Since I was on 4Mbps Screamyx Combo before, I guess I should go for the VIP5 which gives me 5Mbps down/up speed. 
What works and what doesn't? Well, the speed is surely much better than the 4Mbps that I had before, the upload speed will sometime reach the max too .. at …