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CarPC - updates

It has been a while since I've wrote about my CarPC setup, up to now, it still not functioning 100% as what I wanted. Anyway, updates on what I've done so far:
1. Failed HD, for some reason, my HD failed on me, its pretty new HD, manufactured in March 2010. So, I've replaced the WD 250GB HD with Hitachi 320GB HD. The Hitachi should be faster since it is running on 7200rpm compared to WD's 3600rpm. I've sent the WD to Singapore and hopefully I'll get a replacement.
2. Added Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 to the setup. I don't have the photo right now, but it is epoxyed to the rearview mirror. Quality wise, not as good as expected, probably because I'm using xvid/mp4 format to save some space. Example of video captured during one of my drive around:

3. Not really a CarPC related but I've modified the EBY701 TFT monitor to do auto-switching for my rearview camera. The mod works as expected but the camera is a bit grainy .. probably because it uses CMOS technolo…


NOTE: If you're looking for a total replacement for the DIR-615, klseet might be able to help you out.. head out to his website found here.

I met 9W2DAD today at MARES monthly radio flea market and first thing he asked, how to get the router that comes with UNIFI to work with his setup. Frankly speaking, I've half-ly ditch the router the day I got my UNIFI and as of last week, I've ditch it totally from my setup. TM doesn't know much about the router that it supplies to UNIFI subscribers and D-Link doesn't want to know either because it contains a non-standard firmware in there. Up to now, I've only come across few routers that are capable of VLAN tagging and remote access but D-Link isn't in the list that is available publicly. Most probably TM has contracted a company to come up with VLAN capable firmware for the D-Link hardware.

Anyway, what can we do if we still want to use our own router with D-Link as supplied by TM? Easiest is, to make it as a networ…