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Activating objects in note outside SNOTE

When implementing SAP notes via SNOTE, we do sometime faced a problem in activating an object due especially those ENHS & INTF where those two types need to be activated first. We can go to SE80 and find inactive objects or the easiest, use SCWB_NOTE_ACTIVATE ABAP to activate the note.

HRD 5.24 Logbook + QRZ lookup problem

Few months back, there were quite a number of cases where someone could get your QRZ account by phishing and that caused me to change my password. I haven't work on my digital mode for quite sometime and for demo that I need to do today, I wanted to show them the PSK31 and RTTY.. but one thing I observed, a callsign that I've grabbed from the conversation doesn't automatically added the name. I went to the setting, made myself sure that I've put my correct password and I did a callsign lookup test but I kept getting the error. After few tries, I've almost given up until I realised that I've non-alphanumeric in my password and this causes the failure. So, changed my QRZ password to remove this non-alpha and this resolved my problem. So, if you're getting the same problem, changing your QRZ password to remove the non-alpha characters will work.