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Pipo X9S - USB2 problem and double driver dump

In a search for a low cost, low power Wires-X node PC. I came across one that I thought will ticked all the requirements but I was wrong. Yes, Pipo X9S ticked some of the requirements but the major hurdle to get the USB to stay connected put me wrong! I've tried everything including flashing the firmware twice. The firmware is 5.8GB big and currently available from Baidu cloud and I believe you'll be not the only one having problem downloading it there. If there is a request, I will try to put the firmware available from public cloud server. For those who're asking why is the firmware is so big, well, it is actually a full Windows 10 home WinPE image.

Pipo has made the firmware image available on google drive, download all the 8 parts and use unrar/winrar to extract the files:

X9s Windows 10 part 01
X9s Windows 10 part 02
X9s Windows 10 part 03…