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I'm back in KL

Thankfully, the docs kept their words. After I got my body casted with few layers of fiberglass, the docs allowed me to go back home. So, I spent a day and half, not going anywhere though .. but only to see my aging, immobilised grandma who I guess had been worried about me.

Anyway, last Friday was really surprising me.. my buddy 9W2STT (Salleh) and Mak Zam paid us a visit at kampung .. I guess as said before, there must be a hikmah .. otherwise, I've no idea when they could visit my kampung .. Thanks Salleh & Mak Zam .. you guys really made my day last Friday..

On Saturday, handed over the driving role this time to my wife .. she took the Triton key and drive us all the way to KL. To cheer her up and not to make her feel sleepy, no body in the car went to sleep .. and we just keep talking from one topic to another.. we had Sholala Coffee (did I got the name right??) at Seremban R&R.

Had few conversation on air at night and this morning .. still remember everybody .. so, gues…

Radio .. and ended up at the hospital during eid!

Sometime, your craziness on your new hobby ends you up in the wrong side of the pond.. and that happened to me. I was so happy to be back in Muar to celebrate the eid with my family after spending the last five eids in Manchaster. But guess it is not a lucky one for me, while trying to reposition my slim jim antenna to get better reception and transmission, I slipped off the ladder and end up, bed ridden for the past five days in the hospital.. there goes my raya this year.. Hopefully, the hospital will release me after I get body casted .. when? hopefully by tomorrow... Oh well, pengalaman mengajar erti kehidupan!!

Ramadhan - radio - etc ..

Ramadhan is coming to its end in less than a week time, it seems that everybody in Malaysia is franticly trying to put whatever finishes to things that they've done before the eid next week. For us, we've done nothing to our house, because ... I'm too lazy ... though I need to patch up some water leaks near the ELCB unit.

Every morning, when the time permit, our good friends from ASTRA (The Malay Amateur Radio of North Malaysia) come up on air for Sahur-Net just before the end of sahur each day. I have yet to check in. Will see if I can manage to check in the day before eid.

Looking at my log book today, I have done 34 QSOes till the 5/10 .. oh.. and few more QSOes done during driving around KL. Not to boast myself, but I think I'm pretty much comfortable to go on air now compared to few weeks ago.

HF set/Yaesu FT-897D.. I'm still dreaming to have one.. I missed the boat last week, my friend called me and he said that he was going to 9V land last Friday .. but instead…