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Revert Smartforms / Sapscript editor from MS-Word

I have no idea if this is ECC 6 only feature but I've just upgraded my Office to 2016 and when I get into the smartforms, I couldn't display the text normally. It has an informational text saying "Use the full screen text editor". To change this back to the normal text editor, just run RSCPSETEDITOR ABAP and untick the SAPScript & Smartforms from the selection and activate. This will revert back your default editor.

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JT65-HF HB9HQX + Microkeyer II + TS-590SG

I had a hard time to get this things configured, the most problematic was to get the PTT port recognised. It was in fact a small thing, in the JT65-HF HB9HQX, there is a verify COM Port. I unticked this and wallah, my PTT is working.
For my reference and probably others too in the future, here are the configurations that I have to make this thing working:
Microkeyer II configuration:

JT65-HF HB9HQX configuration:

And on my TS-590SG:
Menu 67 - 38400 Menu 69 - ACC2 Menu 70 - FRONT Menu 73 - 4  Menu 74 - 4

Displaying aprx-rf log onto 4x20 LCD display

Received a request on a short how-to to get the aprs packet shown in the 20x4 LCD display. The way I have for my setup are the following:

1. Raspberry Pi 3 (Raspberry Pi 2 will work, but below that, you need to have different kind of connection for the GPIO).
2. 20x4 LCD HD44780 or compatible screen.
3. Install lcdproc package ($ sudo apt-get install lcdproc)
4. A modified HD44780 driver,

I'm using the following diagram for my LCD connection to the GPIO lines. Ignore the temp sensor connection.

The how-to to get the LCD working can be found on the too.

A modified HD44780 driver can be found down below along with my python code.

Or download or compile your own following the thread in the following forum link:

This modified driver need to be moved into /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/lcdproc/ directory and replacing the driver that comes with the lcdproc package…

9M2MI IOTA/ILLW 2016 DXpedition

A bit late in posting this entry. I was one of the crew members that went for the IOTA/ILLW 2016 DXpedition at Pulau Undan.

Here is the video made by my friend, 9W2SBD (also one of the crew). Enjoy!

TNC-Pi 2 + Raspberry Pi 2 + LCDProc

It has been a while my igate was down because of lightning strike and I have never got a chance to bring it alive again. It was few months back when I was bored and ordered a couple of TNC-Pi 2 from The kits arrived a couple of week later and had it assembled them in no time (the first kit was up and running on the same day I received the kits).

The first kit during assembly period (pardon my soldering skill):

The first kit done:

In operation, couldn't find a good case to put them in, so for now, this is the best I could do :)

Software wise, I'm running the latest Debian Jessie on Raspi 2, with the latest aprx, lcdproc and weewx. I've wrote a simple python code to read the aprs-rf.log file and pass it over to lcdproc to display it on a 20x4 LCD. This LCD is from my previous project that has been abandoned. Everything seems to work great so far.

My first python code (pardon the coding style), can be found here.…

Pipo X9S - USB2 problem and double driver dump

In a search for a low cost, low power Wires-X node PC. I came across one that I thought will ticked all the requirements but I was wrong. Yes, Pipo X9S ticked some of the requirements but the major hurdle to get the USB to stay connected put me wrong! I've tried everything including flashing the firmware twice. The firmware is 5.8GB big and currently available from Baidu cloud and I believe you'll be not the only one having problem downloading it there. If there is a request, I will try to put the firmware available from public cloud server. For those who're asking why is the firmware is so big, well, it is actually a full Windows 10 home WinPE image.

Pipo has made the firmware image available on google drive, download all the 8 parts and use unrar/winrar to extract the files:

X9s Windows 10 part 01
X9s Windows 10 part 02
X9s Windows 10 part 03…

DV4 Mini + Raspberry Pi + Yaesu Fusion

Finally, thanks to Wireless Holdings LLC, my DV4 Mini dongle arrived yesterday by post. Mr postman was trying to deliver a day earlier but I wasn't in. So, yah, I got it a day late.

I ordered mine along with the little antenna which is good within the area of my house.

As per my previous post, I've prepared my Raspberry Pi 2 with the required software. With the help from Gary (KE2YK), I managed to have everything installed in no time. Since I bought my Raspberry Pi 2 with a TFT touch screen from aliexpress and there is no way to use the images prepared by others, I need to start from scratch. The hardest part is probably to get the correct mono version installed. BTW, I'm using Raspbian's Jessie distribution.

(Note: the aliexpress vendor sent me the wrong TFT screen and not as per my order, I couldn't really mount the raspi at the back of the 5" LCD display).

I've went on air this morning, first time QSO on dv4mini + yaesu fusion with James (WA2UMP) from N…