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CRM middleware - Debugging incoming BUPA _MAIN/BUPA_REL

Instead of stopping the inbound queue to enable debugging, there is another method which hasn't been documented well.

In the BUPA_CONV_EI2BAPI function module, there is the following code:

This will enable us about 30 seconds to enable debugging from SM50.
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Upgrading my Heathkit SB-221 with Harbach upgrade kits

Finally, after I have got all the upgrade kits that I ordered from Harbach, I started putting them together today. It took me many hours since I couldn't visualised on how they're supposed to be installed based on the installation guides which really useful nonetheless.

I started my upgrade with the RM-220 meter board. It has missing R2 resistor and Jeff had shipped it along with my FB-220 kit which I ordered later. I didn't think it was necessary to upgrade the capacitors bank but many of my friends suggested it since the amplifier was built 30+ years ago. The capacitors might have dried up. Along with RM-220, I did the FB-220 upgrade too since  I need to work on the connection anyway. Anyway, the meter board doesn't require the old zener diode, so I've removed it as per the installation guide.

After the two upgrades, I did a test run just to make sure everything was okay before going for the other upgrades. The HV reading seems to be a okay and as per the origina…

Digital Voice mode - In Malaysia

As of now (early 2018), the digital voice mode is still in the infant stage in Malaysia. The interest from local hams seems to be slow and this probably due to many reasons. Anyway, I've blogged this in the blog, so I will not repeater it here. Here is the link if you would like to read more:

Anyway, for those who're looking into how you would be able to make a contact with local hams in digital voice mode, the following information might be useful:
Yaesu Fusion - Wires-XMALAYSIA-NET room9M2RKL (Klang Valley) - 439.600 MHz, Shift -5 MHz9M4RMU (Melaka) - 439.8250 MHz, Shift -5 MHzYaesu Fusion - YSF NetworkMY Malaysia Net reflectorDMR - BrandMiester NetworkTalkgroup 50210  The three networks above are bridged, so you can either access it using hotspot from BrandMiester or from YSF Network depending on what radio you have. For Wires-X, you need to either access it from any repeaters that are already conn…

Got myself an SB-221!

I've been aiming to own one since I upgraded my license back in 2012 and I'm more interested on the old tube amplifier like those from HeathKit, Kenwood and Yaesu. The only thing that holding me back was the cost to get it shipped from US to Malaysia. The SB-200 and the likes can be had for around USD$400-600 but the shipping and handling can be costly due to the weight and customs charges, it might comes to a total of USD$200 for shipping cost.

My luck changed, on 24/12, I was browsing mudah website and was looking for something unrelated but was bumped to an advert, a Heathkit SB-221 for sale. The advert was posted about a month before that and according to the guy, there was no other enquiry other than from a person from neighbouring country. So, the deal went through and on 27/12, I got a very clean (from outside) and very good condition SB-221 with a 10M mod done. No other mods have been done since the amplifier was built and according to the OM, he hasn't turn it on …

SAP HR Programming?

It has been a while since I touched SAP HR/Payroll, the last time I had touch it was back in 2004 when doing a contracting for a client in St Helens, UK. I had prepared a hand-over document when I left the project and it seems to be uploaded everywhere including in the scribed website. Anyhow, to preserve this further, I'm uploading it to my google drive and linked it here.

SAP HR Programming - Handover Document

DMEE - Why copying a standard to bespoke DMEE tree will give different output?

I was faced with this question yesterday and it seems that few payment DMEEs will result in different output when copied into a bespoke Z* or Y* tree. Found out that some of these DMEEs have BADI implemented for them and changing the final file output according to the specific DMEE tree. So, for those who're looking for a reason why your bespoke output file doesn't match the original, do check those available BADI under *DMEE*.

Example that I did yesterday was a copied version of DK_PAYMUL_DOMESTIC. The final file has UNA header as UNA:+,? '. As much as I tried to put a constant in the DMEE tree on a bespoke copy, it won't get copied over to the output file. Found out that there is BADI implemented for that particular DMEE tree, under DMEE_BADI_01 with implementation name DMEE_DK_BADI_01. Copied that and add my bespoke DMEE into the filter and wallah, the output file matches the original.

Hope the above helps those who're stuck wondering why your bespoke copied ver…

MMDVM ZUM Board - Arrived!

It actually arrived a couple of week ago and I haven't got time to play around with it since I don't have any repeater right now to work on. The package reached me via priority mail from Germany and it comes with a user manual, a USB cable, and MMDVM ZUM board attached to an Arduino DUE board.

My intention is to have this MMDVM ZUM board connected to the Yaesu DR-1X spare repeater for experimenting and if this works well, we could have it installed at one of the repeater site in Klang Valley. This will incite more digital users to be on the air and for those who're starting up, they might want to go further a bit then the normal TYT/Boefeng cheapo HTs and invest on DMR or Yaesu Fusion sets instead.

Will see how it goes! BTW, I'm really enjoying the DMR now. I'm monitoring Brandmiester TG91 most of the time and I've managed to have few QSOs there and the latest was with VK4GO, Art. Art was here in Malaysia many years back and he seems to be very well into this n…