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CarPC for my Triton

When I took a delivery of my Triton 2.5DID, one thing that cross my mind was to have a CarPC installed. It was back in 2007 but too many things happening and I didn't do anything until few weeks back when I've got nothing to play around with.

Took me months to decide what I wanted for my CarPC. I just don't want to have it half done .. so, a week ago, I decided to get a complete unit from one vendor. One thing, this CarPC stuff are mainly done in US and Europe, there are few here in Malaysia and many of them either ordered their unit from US or using mini ITX casing with inverter. One that I worried when deciding either to go for Dell Zino or Acer Revo is the power unit. There is only one solution for that which is getting a carnetix power supply, this has the auto powerup/shutdown and whole lot more. But I decided to go for a purpose-built CarPC from, from ebay of all places!!

The mo-co-so unit that I bought has Zotac Ionitx-F-E (though in the website and eba…

WZR-HP-G300NH, OpenWRT & Huawei E160E

Finally, the latest release of OpenWRT 10.03 (codenamed BackFire) is out and it supports the WZR-HP-G300NH. Didn't take long until your truly take a plunge and flash his router with this latest firmware. Actually, the firmware supported the router since it's development release but since I'm not really into testing beta stuff, I've been patiently waiting for it to be available.. officially that it.

What the first thing I tried to do .. ? You guess it right, if you've followed my blog before .. trying to get APRS4R running on it but excitement overcomes the most basic thing I should do .. yes, RTFM .. APRS4R doesn't have support for other than mipsel and x86. So, what should I do with this mega router (64MB RAM with over 65% left after all the basic stuff loaded and over 32MB flash with over 90% empty)? One thing for sure, from my last week experience, where screamyx was so damn slow due to some international link was brought down for maintenance .. yes, a back…