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9W2FTW ..

Finally, eventhough Asma is still waiting for her official 'AA', unofficially, she has taken the 9W2FTW (FOR THE WIN!) callsign as per SKMM's database. She has been checking almost daily for the letter from SKMM. I guess we probably need to pay the Shah Alam office a visit somehow to get the 'AA'..

Congratulations, Asma!

Crank up - tilt-over antenna mast

After waiting for few months, finally, the guy who I paid to fabricate my antenna mast made a call few days ago saying that they're ready now. What a relief, after paying quite a sum for a deposit in November last year, at least now I can see how it going to look like.

For now, they've done the foundation/base for the mast. Need to wait for a day or two for the concrete to fully dry up before they could put up the mast's base. Some photos as of today:

As of 08/03/10:

BTW, the design was taken from John Tait's website which could be found here:
Crank-up Tilt-over Tower

Update as of 05/04/2010: