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Crank up - tilt-over antenna mast

After waiting for few months, finally, the guy who I paid to fabricate my antenna mast made a call few days ago saying that they're ready now. What a relief, after paying quite a sum for a deposit in November last year, at least now I can see how it going to look like.

For now, they've done the foundation/base for the mast. Need to wait for a day or two for the concrete to fully dry up before they could put up the mast's base. Some photos as of today:



As of 08/03/10:


BTW, the design was taken from John Tait's website which could be found here:

Crank-up Tilt-over Tower

Update as of 05/04/2010:


waa...bikin tower ar..hehe
hm..itu mosley ta33j mana beli ar??
9M2ADI said…
Wahh menarik tu.. Berapa kos pasang ?
Anonymous said…
tempah mana bang hamid,brapa duit...

9W2TPT said…
hehe.. tempah kat kedai besi somewhere kat Kuang.. but don't really want to recommend this guy :) Kalau nak buat sendiri, the best is to download the pdf file dari link kat atas nuh.. and bawak pi kedai besi yg boleh buat.. dok tunggu jenuh .. and saya rasa orang lain mungkin boleh buat dgn lebih baik lagi..
soon said…
Hi, I like the pole that you had installed, Can I know the contact of the vendor that did the installation for you? My client would like to install a pole at his plantation for a wireless access and I see this is a suitable pole for easy maintenance. Hope you can share the contact. from K.L
9W2TPT said…
Hi Soon,

I will surely not recommend the installer. You could use the link that have all the drawing in my post and ask any shop that do iron work. They might be able to do this for you. It took the installer 3 months after I paid the deposit .. and there is installation flaw that I want them to rectify and they didn't come after I call them numerous times.. not recommended at all. One other thing, you can use the aluminium square tube instead of the steel one .. durable and less rust ..
Zamri @ 9W6ZAM said…
Salam bang.

Nak tanya sikit pasal antenna Mosley TA-33-Jr tu beli kat mana? Ada reseller kat Malaysia ni ke?
Zamri @ 9W6ZAM said…
Kat mana beli Mosley TA33Jr tu bang?
Ada jual kat Malaysia ke?
Terima Kasih. 73
SV9GPY said…
Can you please upload, or send me some closeup photos of the construction because I am looking to made one tower like yours.What about rust after 2 years of use? Aluminium is not easy because needs a special welding machine that i don't own.I am looking for galvanised steel.
Mny 73s de SV9GPY. Good dx and I hope to meet you on the air.

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