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4x4 ride with anak2 yatim - MARES+MARTS+ORS+BP

Went to the event organised by few parties led by 9W2AXE (Azhar) at Rumah Anak Yatim in Puchong. The ORS + BP teams brought the children on quite an easy ride to the normal place they've frequented, Jln Kebun .. and well, some of us from MARES tag along with the team. 9W2JAZ(Hilux) and finally 9W2BBS(Triton) broke their 'dara' ..

Some photos from the event.

More photos found in the album:
Off-roading 23/09/2007

Log book and another pole?

I just checked my log book today, hey.. hey, I have eight lines now with twelve contacts! What an achievement .. not! :)

I was on the road today, going out from my housing estate when I met another ham, driving a fully make up 4x4. 9W2AMR .. salam kontak perdana.. His QTH is not that far from mine, might go for an eyeball one of these days with other hams surrounding me. The other one that I know of is 9W2PRO which I have not meet either before.

Ah .. I just couldn't stand that I couldn't do a simplex with many hams in Klang Valley area.. had another look at the back .. and I guess, I need to push my antenna a little bit higher.. so .. here I am again with another aluminum pole .. need to connect the two together and make it a 30 odds feet antenna mast. Just need to find a time though ..