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10 meter related links ..

Feel bored today, so .. arming with google search, found the following informative websites related to 10 meter band (in no particular order):
1. 10 meter beacon list (pretty up-to-date list) 2. Wikipedia entry on 10 meter 3. 10 and 6 meters club (US) 4. 10-10 International (US)
Calling frequencies on 10 meter (by no mean standard worldwide, based on - use as a guide):
28.025 CW Rare DX & DXpeditions Frequently Operate Here – Split 
 28.060 QRP CW Calling frequency
 28.080 RTTY Rare DX & DXpeditions Frequently Operate Here -- Split 
 28.080 to 28.100 Primary Range for RTTY
 28.1010 10/10 Intl CW Calling Frequency
 28.110 QRP Novice/Tech Calling FREQ
 28.190-28.225 Beacons 
 28.200 NCDXF/IARU beacons (STAY OFF OF THIS FREQUENCY) Many Hams rely on these beacons for propagation determination. For Details - see NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network

 28.380 10/10 SSB Intl Calling Frequency 
 28.385 QRP SSB Calling frequency 
 28.425 10/10 SSB Intl Calling Fre…

What is next in line?

My dear friend 9W2RUT is really testing me out .. he just bought two LCD 20x4 displays from Jalan Pasar .. that is enough to generate an interest to venture into new project for me. The Tracker2 and TinyTrak4 are both capable of displaying messages on 20x4 LCD. There are quite a number of LCD sellers on ebay, I'm aiming for the white-over-blue with backlight display.. RM42/pc sent from China .. not bad for the price since it cost more from Jalan Pasar. Probably will order it tomorrow :)
Info on how to get the LCD display working on Tracker2 could be found here: Photo posted by Scott:

And here is where all the information on how to get this thing working for TinyTrack4 (we need to have at least v0.51 firmware):
My hands are itchy now.

TinyTrak4 as fill-in digipeater

I was thinking, why do I need to power on my PC when someone already gated the packets out to the net. What I want to do is to escalate/repeat packets sent by APRS stations from "Bermuda" area of Sg Buloh to the digipeater-to-be somewhere at Genting. Since I've Argendata Tracker2 already, I was thinking, why not try the Byonic TinyTrack4 and have it run in standalone mode and acts as a digipeater. So, ordered mine through 9W2PD (bulk order) and received it early of the week.

The hardest part for me is to set the TT4 to recognise incoming packets. When I received the TT4, I could not get it to recognise any packet, so put off by it .. I didn't touch it for few days (+ the busy days debugging BSP/ABAP Object/middleware and stuff related to work that it). To get it working with my FT-60R HT, I need to set the SQL all the way counterclock wise (off), set the volume to 25%, RXAMP and CDCODE and CDLEVEL as the configuration shown below.

My configuration is: Tinytrack4 + Y…

Importing radio to Malaysia .. my experience

I did an ebay shopping early of the week and won a second hand radio from a seller in the US. It is a bit hard to buy directly from QTH.COM or QRZ.COM since many of them won't ship outside CONUSA (Continental USA). The shipping cost is surely makes most of us think more than twice when buying things from the US.
Anyway, was told by the seller that my radio has been shipped via USPS Priority Mail yesterday, so off me go to SIRIM today. SIRIM QAS International is the body which produces the AP and certifies the telecommunication equipment too. Since the radio that I'm importing is already in the MCMC approved list, I don't need to pay the RM180++ for certification etc. The cost of the import permit (AP) is RM70, increased from RM30 which I was told the cost before they were going into ePermit.
What I brought along when applying for the ePermit:
1. A copy of my AA 2. A copy of my IC - front/back 3. A copy of an invoice from the seller/ebay 4. A copy of the brochure
What I need to …