Friday, 29 May 2009

10 meter related links ..

Feel bored today, so .. arming with google search, found the following informative websites related to 10 meter band (in no particular order):

1. 10 meter beacon list (pretty up-to-date list)

Calling frequencies on 10 meter (by no mean standard worldwide, based on - use as a guide):

28.025 CW Rare DX & DXpeditions Frequently Operate Here – Split 

28.060 QRP CW Calling frequency

28.080 RTTY Rare DX & DXpeditions Frequently Operate Here -- Split 

28.080 to 28.100 Primary Range for RTTY

28.1010 10/10 Intl CW Calling Frequency

28.110 QRP Novice/Tech Calling FREQ

28.190-28.225 Beacons 

28.200 NCDXF/IARU beacons (STAY OFF OF THIS FREQUENCY) Many Hams rely on these beacons for propagation determination. For Details - see NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network

28.380 10/10 SSB Intl Calling Frequency 

28.385 QRP SSB Calling frequency 

28.425 10/10 SSB Intl Calling Frequency – Another is 28.400 

28.495 SSB Rare DX & DXpeditions Frequently Operate Here -- Split 

28.600 Old General Callin Frequency - Still used by Old Timers 

28.675~28.685 SSTV Operating Frequency -- IARU Region 1 

28.680 SSTV Operations USA/Canada 

28.825 10-10 Backskatter Net - Paper Chasers Net 

28.885 6M DX Liaison Frequency -- Listen here for 6 Meter DX opening announcements and discussions. 

28.945 FAX Operating Frequency 

29.000-29.200 AM Operations 

29.300-29.510 Satellite Downlinks 

29.520-29.580 Repeater Inputs 

29.600 FM Simplex - Calling Frequency

And found here that might interest us in Malaysia, taken from

28.480 MHz USB
28.485 MHz USB
28.490 MHz USB
28.495 MHz USB
28.500 MHZ USB

NOTE: All the above are recommended calling and simplex frequencies but are NOT OFFICIALLY sanctioned by any standard bodies. I was told once that 28.490 was the standard calling frequency used worldwide but I could not find any information to back this one up. It seems that many DXers are fond to be at that frequency calling CQ.

6 meter anyone? ;-)

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