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HF/RF Clipper

Ordered an HF/RF Clipper for my QRP set from OM Joachim (DF4ZS) and it arrived yesterday. More information on the HF/RF Clipper can be found in the following website:

Decided that I should do the dissect on my MH-31 last night, couldn't wait really but there was a setback, I couldn't really understand the instructions on modifying the tone switch, but after confirming with OM Joachim, I went ahead with installing the Clipper into the mic. Here is what we should do on the tone switch, shift the two wires to the left, and the wires from the tantalum cap goes to the free right most pin.

Here is the module, installed inside the MH-31 replacing the condenser mic element.

Have not really go into field testing yet, will do so when I've got free time today or probably during field day. Did a comparison with another stock MH-31 mic, it does put a lot of punch.