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It has been a long time I wanted to modify my Triton. Last week, I received a call from a friend of mine who said that the custom made bumper and sidestep for Triton are available from Ah Lau Bar/Jalan Empat Chan Sow Lin  .. So, here are the photos after the installation ..
I choose not to install the jerry can holder and tyre holder .. so bare minimum .. yet to get the towing ball/shackle or whatamachalit!

Photo from side:
Side step

Standard price list:

Saw this SJ, fully dressed with black steel ..

More photos from our new house ..

New photos from our new house:
1. Neighbour has repainted their whole house, it is no more a kindergarten now.

2. The sofa set (3+2+1) and the L shape sofa finally delivered. They look too big for our living room now. Saw them a bit small in the showroom.. most probably due to massive showroom with lot of other sofas.

3. And here is my home office, the wall cabinets are all set, the table is already in place. Yet to get the extra stuff in though.

4. My eldest daughter's room with Ikea furniture.

Building my home office

I'm in the midst of building my ultimate home office right now. I went to Ikea numerous times to get an idea what should be in my home office and finally, I've made up my mind. As per my previous post, I've downloaded an Ikea Office Planner, though not complete with all furniture available from Ikea, but at least it gave me an idea on how the final set should look like.

Anyway, went to Ikea last Friday night and came back with: 1 Galant corner table set
2 Effektiv wall cabinets & doors2 Mikael drawers Total damages so far: RM1820
What left but needed (yes, another trip to Ikea) are:
Billy bookcase with glass door (black/brown with white frame for the door??) 
A curved deskpad (optional, might leave this out)
Signum cable management tray
Summera pull out keyboard tray
Karsten swivel chair 
Expected damages for the above, another RM RM1000++.
Started to assemble the cabinets and drawers today and did not manage to finish them yet. Need to go back to the house again to finish off whe…