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Building my home office

I'm in the midst of building my ultimate home office right now. I went to Ikea numerous times to get an idea what should be in my home office and finally, I've made up my mind. As per my previous post, I've downloaded an Ikea Office Planner, though not complete with all furniture available from Ikea, but at least it gave me an idea on how the final set should look like.

Anyway, went to Ikea last Friday night and came back with:
  1. 1 Galant corner table set
  2. 2 Effektiv wall cabinets & doors
  3. 2 Mikael drawers
Total damages so far: RM1820
What left but needed (yes, another trip to Ikea) are:
  1. Billy bookcase with glass door (black/brown with white frame for the door??) 
  2. A curved deskpad (optional, might leave this out)
  3. Signum cable management tray
  4. Summera pull out keyboard tray
  5. Karsten swivel chair 
Expected damages for the above, another RM RM1000++.
Started to assemble the cabinets and drawers today and did not manage to finish them yet. Need to go back to the house again to finish off where I left today and hopefully I could start moving my other stuffs bit by bit. 
Last but not least, and most probably will be an extreme combination but will see how it goes .. I'v chosen a black & white combination .. Will update with photos when done!


kijal said…
best ke Karsten chair tuh? The cushion doesnt look comfy.
U gonna wifi-ed your house with NAS etc?

WiraOne said…
It will only be in my dream-list, to have a house automation system put in place. I've almost everything ready for my home automation project but most probably need to forget about it for the moment. Wifi for the whole house? Yes, a proper one that it. Still wondering where should I put the router (most probably I'll add another one that acts as an AP in my room).

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