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New ASAA and new blogspot URL

I've passed my CW test last March 2012 and I'm now a proud owner of a Class A callsign, 9M2TPT.  My aim to upgrade myself before the fifth year is fulfilled. I'm now able to transmit on few more HF bands + higher power too. My Class B callsign seems to be valid until end of next year and I've no idea if I'm allowed to use both callsigns.

Anyway, I've renamed the original blogspot ( into the current blogspot, so, if you've been referred to by search engine to the old blogspot URL, do switch the 'w' to 'm' and all will work just fine.

Customs tariff for transceiver (amateur)

For those who're thinking of importing transceivers for amateur radio usage, please use the following tariff to get tax exemption (8517.62.520). You do however need to get an Import Permit from SIRIM QAS.

Declaring your tariff wrongly and you'll be imposed with unnecessary sales tax (as what I did the last time I brought in my FT-920).