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Getting your WX station out to RF using weewx + aprx

I have been using my WH1080 since two years ago and it is still working great until few days ago when I found out that the anemometer doesn't seem to give any reading anymore. Anyway, other than that, everything still working just fine.

I have been experimenting with Raspberry Pi for quite sometime and I've moved my WX and aprx along with few local server apps into Raspberry Pi (previously on my router running OpenWRT). Anyway, for this post, I'm going to guide you on how to get the WX data into RF without a need of the Internet connection after the first setup.

What needed?

1. Raspberry Pi, I'm using raspbian. I'm not going in details on how to set it up. By now you should've been able to get this up and running.
2. weewx software, more information can be found in Installation guide can be found here:
3. A weewx extension that I've adopted from cwxn extension so it could produce an aprx ready beac…