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Cheap RTL based SDR

Thanks to Rut, Pang & Yau, found a new way of monitoring the air. Cheap DVB/DAB usb sticks along with freely available SDR software which can be used to monitor few ham bands plus some other bands too. All these can be bought from ebay for a very cheap price, the cheapest I bought was for RM35 and reached me within a couple of weeks time. Went for an eyeball with them last night and comparing what we've, we've found that there are three kind of tuners these cheap sticks come with. An R820T (seems the cheapest) which is based on Rafael Micro R820T tuner, an Elonics E4000 tuner and one an umarked FC0013.

A zoom in on the one with R820T tuner:

And here is with Elonics E4000 tuner:

Running SDR#:

And here, decoding ADS-B using ADSB# + ADSBSCOPE:

More information on using this cheap SDR can be found here: