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DV4 Mini + Raspberry Pi + Yaesu Fusion

Finally, thanks to Wireless Holdings LLC, my DV4 Mini dongle arrived yesterday by post. Mr postman was trying to deliver a day earlier but I wasn't in. So, yah, I got it a day late.

I ordered mine along with the little antenna which is good within the area of my house.

As per my previous post, I've prepared my Raspberry Pi 2 with the required software. With the help from Gary (KE2YK), I managed to have everything installed in no time. Since I bought my Raspberry Pi 2 with a TFT touch screen from aliexpress and there is no way to use the images prepared by others, I need to start from scratch. The hardest part is probably to get the correct mono version installed. BTW, I'm using Raspbian's Jessie distribution.

(Note: the aliexpress vendor sent me the wrong TFT screen and not as per my order, I couldn't really mount the raspi at the back of the 5" LCD display).

I've went on air this morning, first time QSO on dv4mini + yaesu fusion with James (WA2UMP) from N…

9M4GPT - Yaesu Wires-X + Fusion System, and DV4 Mini too

Over the past few days last week, I spent some of my time setting up my Wires-X. Thanks to 9M2FRI/PA3FRI (OM Martin) who brought the HRI-200 from Netherlands. To prepare the Wires-X, I've bought myself an FTM100DR to be the gateway radio, FT2DR, a handheld so I could test it easily. I've my FTM400DR for quite sometime and that is my main radio in one of my car.

My current gateway setup, FTM100DR + HRI-200.

As of now, my Wires-X node is set to be in an analog mode. Reason being, there is no digital DR1X repeater available locally right now and the HRI-200 couldn't be set to do AMS AUTO.

The Wires-X running on my Windows 10 PC. Look for MY-9M4GPT node 14060 or Room MY-KL-9M4GPT. Someone will probably waiting for you to make a contact from all over the world.

I did my very first test in C4FM across the continent with VK4GO (OM Art from Australia) this morning. For some reason, the voice coming in from the internet to RF was quite soft when it was on analog. I need to take ano…