Wednesday, 17 February 2016

DV4 Mini + Raspberry Pi + Yaesu Fusion

Finally, thanks to Wireless Holdings LLC, my DV4 Mini dongle arrived yesterday by post. Mr postman was trying to deliver a day earlier but I wasn't in. So, yah, I got it a day late.

I ordered mine along with the little antenna which is good within the area of my house.

As per my previous post, I've prepared my Raspberry Pi 2 with the required software. With the help from Gary (KE2YK), I managed to have everything installed in no time. Since I bought my Raspberry Pi 2 with a TFT touch screen from aliexpress and there is no way to use the images prepared by others, I need to start from scratch. The hardest part is probably to get the correct mono version installed. BTW, I'm using Raspbian's Jessie distribution.

(Note: the aliexpress vendor sent me the wrong TFT screen and not as per my order, I couldn't really mount the raspi at the back of the 5" LCD display).

I've went on air this morning, first time QSO on dv4mini + yaesu fusion with James (WA2UMP) from NY. The quality is quite good. I've the raspi connected wirelessly to my Huwaei 3G dongle.

My next move probably will be having a DMR HT to test the DMR system. I wish that we could move forward with the digital voice thingy but with too many standards adopted by the manufacturers, this probably will not be an easy thing to do. A chicken and egg situation, nobody will adopt digital if the infrastructure is not available and nobody want to invest on the infrastructure if there is nobody going to use it.

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