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House is 95% ready to be occupied!

From the above, to:

Finally, after almost four months, the house is now ALMOST ready to be occupied. What we have done so far are:

1. Extended our wet kitchen to the side of the house.
2. Extended the porch to the front.
3. Replaced the tiles for the porch to a much better looking IMHO.
4. Knocked down the downstair's toilet/bathroom and moved it to the side of the house.
5. Extended the small room downstair and change it to be my office and radio shack.
6. Put in a rustic looking kitchen cabinet made of hardwood.
7. Windows & doors grills, for whatever reason, we've decided to have the grills.

Things to do:

1. Furnish the house with furniture , we've none for our living room for now.
2. Bring all whatever furniture we have in our current house to the new house.
3. Furnish the bedrooms and my office, they need new stuff in there .. IKEA anyone :) 4. Curtains!
5. Change the gate to auto-gate.
6. Phone line & broadband, can't work w/o them (oh I've 3G though :) 7. Have a MOV…