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I passed my Extra! I'm KT2O (was AC8SH) too now.

Passed the three elements of FCC amateur radio license exam in a day, whew ..  It was all started few months back when my friend invited me to sit for the exam which was conducted by VE team from Thailand and Malaysia. Didn't take it seriously at first until it was very near to the exam date. I believe some will think that we're trying to undermine the local RAEs but in fact, we are not. There are quite few advantages of having an FCC radio license and I took the challenge to learn new things which I've almost forgotten after I passed my local RAE in 2007. 
Anyway, materials that I've used to study for the exam:
1. (the flash cards really helpful, with some of the description explaining the answers) 2. Gordo's General Class FCC Element 3 book (bought it from Amazon along with ARRL Handbook 2014 & ARRL Antenna Book) 3. Extra Class License Study Guide by K4VRC (didn't bought the book, but studying the guide) 4. Sample online tests at …