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9W2OMG is on the air!

Was trying to post this while we were down south, but could not get a good 'free' internet connection. Anyway, my daughter is now a licensed ham with a 9W2OMG callsign. Probably she is among the few 14 years old hams getting their licenses this year. 

Anyway, she has her own handy now, a Kenwood TH-F7E which has a lot of features which I didn't realised when I bought it. It has dual monitoring, it is a dual band HT and guess what, it is a scanner too which could receive SSB. That is interesting for sure.. 

Tomorrow will be a big day for me.. I'm going to make a bit of adjustment on my base antenna setup. I've bought a Diamond CP-6 vertical antenna .. and I guess it is the right time for me to put it up. I've surveyed my roof top and I guess, the X200 need to make a move for the CP-6. Helpers? Nah, don't think I need to organise an antenna party .. I'll ask my daughter help for sure :) Family antenna party may be .. haa..haa.. Will try to post any photos taken during the exercise..


9W2PRO said…
Wow...lulus tuu....tahniah pada harmonic abg hamid...sekarang dah ada 2 stesen dalam satu rumah...hati2 semasa naikkan antena biar lambat asal selamat.
Aisyah said…
Thanks Pa! :-)
9W2LMF said…
Bang wiraone dkt lowyat forum!! Hello bro, glad to found u and ur daughter's blog and congrats!! Shall we get on air someday? de 9W2LMF (just pass too i think i was in the same exam hall with aisyah)
9W2TPT said…
Zeck: Antenna dah naik, but kena bawak turun semula, dia punye radials kena retune balik. Only 40m yg dapat less than 2:1 kat atas nuh.. :)
Aisyah: So, when are you going on air for the real?
9w2lmf: Congratulations to you too.. x susah sangat kan RAE nih? Hee..hee.. now, CW will be on April .. but I'll give it another miss.. Saya selalu monitor V42 waktu malam, feel free to call me on the frequency.
9w2bba said…
la... dah lulus bila ek...
9w2OMG what's that O=Oh M=My G=God..
hehe just my joke...
anywhere not to late..
from me congratulation...

Next RAE XYL plak mid amacam.

de 9w2bba
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