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MARL 2012 National Field Day 1-2 Dec, 2012

Participated in the MARL 2012 National Field Day which was held from 1-2 Dec, 2012. Went for the one at Tasik Taman Jaya, PJ. Forgotten to snap many photos during the first day, but here are those yg sempat kena snapped during the event using my smartphone. Update: Adding few more photos from Pang & Fahroe.

Enjoy the pics!

En Shahrul, expert panjat pokok ooo :)

Mana north yg betul nih?

Interview with RTM.

G5RV Jr + 40m & 80m mono dipoles.

2m antenna setup.

Pang with his homebrew portable QRP vertical antenna. Just spread the radials please.

Ceh, only trust made from junk ah? That little antenna analyser on Pang's hand can show the graph too ooo..

9W2RUT with his magnetic loop .. took him many hours before he satisfied with his work.

Taken from 9W2VXP post. Can you see that little 5W QRP radio? X1M that it. Heard 9W2EDU voice in one of the check net using this radio from Hulu Selangor. Hey, what is that blue thingy at the back? Battery pack?

9M2RZL - pemasangan magnetic loop.

9M2RZL's magnetic loop. Used 1W during one of the Field Day check net using FT-817ND with no tuner.

Ayoo, si CW man on the job again. Ada orang jadik peneman .. taken at around 3:45AM.

In the morning, 2nd day .. everything sudah kemas2 and ready for last check net before packing up everything. 9W2WF, 9M2YRS, 9W2RUT and 9W2FG dok busy cleaning up kat belakang.

Final photo before packing up.

Alamak ..hehe, banner tak sempat tempah, kita guna FleaMarket's KRAM le punye banner.. janji ada.. Those who were left just before we go back home, from the lower left: SWL (tak ingat nama), 9W2FG, 9W2RUT, 9M2AU, 9W2BBS .. upper from left 9W2WF, 9M2TPT, 9M2RS, 9W2NIK, 9M2YRS, 9M2PJU, 9W2ZLZ, 9M2RZL.

Ha, this one tak boleh ditinggalkan .. peneman setia dari day one until we left the place.

Overall, nice field day with quite number of participants not only those in Tasik Taman Jaya, PJ, but from all over the country. From Perlis up north, to Johor .. down south and Sarawak too.


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