Sunday, 2 September 2012

Antenna Party - Hexxbeam

Bought the hexxbeam from DX Engineering quite a while back and could only put it up today with the help of few of my friends. Thanks to the following (not following any orders):
  1. 9W2RUT (Weerut)
  2. 9M2PJU (PiJU)
  3. 9M2KRZ (Khairol)
  4. 9W2WF (Fadil) 
Without them, the antenna will probably still in the boxes and the mast will rotting and sold as scrap instead :)

Photos during the installation can be found in 9M2PJU blog here. Enjoy the photos:

1 comment:

Asni Nor Rizwan Abdul Rani said...

Askm 9M2TPT Hamid dari 9W2WDX Asni. Tq for the QSO at 0840Hrs 10/10/2012 with regards your experience in HF & learning CW

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