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Digipeaters - Klang Valley

Discussed this with 9W2RUT one day and it seems that we really need to sit down and do the necessary discussion about the PATH for digipeaters around Klang Valley area. For now, we do not have a wide coverage digipeater yet, the digipeater is ready to be commissioned and now I heard is awaiting approval from the site before it is up and running full-time. For now, this digipeater is running in test mode from 9M2CJ base. (Update: Saw 9M4RDG-1 in my UIVIEW terminal).

There are two other active digipeaters and one igate active and mine is, up when I want it to be :) My setup is more on fill-in digipeater with PATH set to be my alias and WIDE1-1. The others, I've no idea really, but I believe one is set as WIDEn-n and this seems to be repeating the packet sent by this wide-coverage digipeater to be. I'm planning to have a full time fill-in digipeater+igate up and running from my base and currently missing two main parts: 1) the antenna (might be able to use my mag-mount + Larsen ciplak on top of my air-cond compressor .. not a good idea but that might work just fine) 2) the interface between my HT to the PC .. what I've right now is .. 1) FT-60R which I need to get a battery eliminator 2) a newly bought old Optiplex GX60 PC running WinXP Pro (thinking of putting Linux but looking at the software available, I might want to stick with XP Pro). Software that I might choose, AGWPE (packet engine) and UIVIEW32 (for digipeater and i-digi).

Anyway, found this useful website: which explains a bit more on this PATH thingy .. and I guess this will be a good reference for us.


~ PiDOT ~ said…
bro, tanye sket bleh...

digipeter tue operate pd freq brapa? adakah semua digipeter operate pada freq yg sama.... ? juat to know..

why I'm asking is, if there is another digipeter at johor example.. for certain freq. then i go to klang... if my freq not same, then it's useless..

so, i hope that.. digipeter should have their own freq, mean every digipeter, every state will hv at same freq.

maybe next 5 year, digipeter will be like Astra-Linking..

Just know bro, because i know nothing.. hehe... but seem good to know.... email to me yr ans.. hehe if you free... thanks bro..
Zek@9w2pro said…
Dun worry about the wider coverage Abg Hamid, last week we had an eyeball with APRS team with V17 members. We agreed to collabrate with them for the improvement of digital comm such as APRS. Under V17 technical team, i believe you also with the same community will setup DIGIPEATER at Puncak there. 10 person from V17 will soon buy 10 set of APRS within 10 month for more enjoyment playing with digital comm. Tell the good news to others and i'm sure everybody would love to hear it.
9W2TPT said…
PiDOT: To answer your question, yes, there should be only ONE APRS frequency for the whole country. Right now, the APRS pioneers who adopted APRS in Klang Valley have agreed to work on 144.390MHz I believe.. I believe others will follow suite. There is no point having different frequencies for APRS unless if you're using it for tactical reason (localised emergency operation for example).
Zek: Good to hear that Bro. Up to now, I've heard only few stations on APRS. We need more hams to join in.. otherwise, it will have a slow death.

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