Saturday, 18 April 2009

Argent Data Tracker2 + Nuvi 350

Finally, after waiting for quite a while, I got my Nuvi 350 from my friend yesterday. Could not wait to test it out really. First try was early this morning, I supposed to meet someone to get a Dell Optiplex GX60 which should become my full-time fill-in digipeater/igate but the guy could not make it.. so, I went to Jalan Pasar to get the necessary thing for my fill-in digipeater instead.. and with the Nuvi 350 connected to the Tracker2. Not so good result since Tracker2 couldn't get any data sent to it.. I set the port to AUTO with the hope if I make a switch between the Garmin eTrex to Nuvi, it will be necessary to do any more setting up to the Tracker2.. I was wrong, so .. went ahead searching a quick guide on how to have these two devices talking to each other. Lucky me, found this helpful guide.

Using the otwingcfg.exe, I went ahead with configuring the Tracker2 and wallah.. it went alive and transmitted it first packet out w/o problem after setting the port to GARMIN. Fill up my afternoon time with tidying up the cabling and fixing the Nuvi. I drilled a hole on my dashboard so that there will be no cables criss-crossing on the dashboard. The result is quite neat.. judge it yourself from the following photos... enjoy..

Finally .. the track sent by my Tracker2 to igate.. looks nice too:


APRS said...

arghh,jelaous nya aku..

9W2TPT said...

Aku x pandai nak begge2 cam kau .. tak payah jeles .. aku jeles org yg boleh buat sendiri!

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