Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New gadgets .. before the year end comes ..

Bought two new gadgets, an iPhone to replace my aging HTC Touch and WZR-HP-300NH draft-N router ... and guess what, both are below my expectation. Before buying the iPhone, I was contemplating on going for HTC Android based phones but after looking at the pros & cons and the packages given by the two telcos (HTC Hero on Celcom & iPhone on Maxis), I went for the iPhone. I guess it will take sometime for me to get used to the iPhone.. been using stylus all these time and now .. I need to use my fingers to enter texts etc. I wonder those who're using the iPhone to browse the net, how on earth could they select a link which close together w/o using stylus. One other thing .. unlucky me, I got the later version of iPhone which come with iBoot 359.3.2 and I couldn't use Pwnage since Apple has fixed the firmware. Grrr.. I could however blackra1n it .. but I'll let it stays virgin for the time being.

The other gadget which is below my expectation is the WZR-HP-300NH router. I was expecting that the HP which stands for High Power could solve my problem getting the signal up to the 3rd floor of the house .. but it just failed. I couldn't see it from my son's PC which could see the WHRG125 it replaces. I should've done my research for buying this .. no 3rd party firmware is available at the moment and none in the working either. Oh well...

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