Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Linux Home Server - Part 2

Received my AOpen enclosure this morning and using my lunch break to install the internals (i.e. Intel Atom D945GCLF2 motherboard, 1GB Kingmax DDR2 RAM, 1TB WD Green, 250GB Seagate and the really ancient 54X CDROM salvaged from my old now junk PC). The motherboard is really tiny .. using not even half of the available space .. and the enclosure looks huge .. the footprint seems to be as big as my Dell GX60 SFF but it height is 3X more. The enclosure does not come with any fan .. the only moving fans in there are the power supply's fan which is 12cm one and it is so silent .. and the other one is on the Atom heatsink, a small fan but silent too. Just nice to be on top of my office desk.

The above is the server, sure, it looks more like the Optimus Prime in Megatron.. but heck, it looks nice on my desk.. so no problem there.

On the software side, I've chosen Ubuntu Server 9.04 running LAMP, SAMBA, CUPS and few other servers and will install Transmission too. This server will be a headless server, means that there will be no monitor, keyboard & mouse connected to it. The only way to access it will be through SSH & web interface. I'm yet to decide which web interface I should install .. but probably will go with webmin. I've tried ebox and no, it is too complicated and some of the things do not work. Up to the time I write this blog, the Ubuntu Server is already installed and updated to the latest binaries. Need to get the SAMBA up and running, the family are waiting for it to be up by now. To get busy configuring SAMBA now!!!

Update: SAMBA is now working .. next will be CUPS .. and then torrentflux-b4rt (I've transmission running as of last night). Next hardware mod will be on the 20x4 LCD using LCDProc. Nice how-to could be found here.

Update 2: CUPS is now up and running .. was easy but took me sometime to figure out that my ads blocking stylesheet on my Safari somehow hid the add printer button. Took me ages to figure it out.. REMINDER: If you're configuring cups and no add printer button, turn off your ads blocking!!

Update 3: Added LCD into the LHS .. video as attached:


9W2PJU said...

haha nice.
try deluge. it is better than other torrent client

9W2TPT said...

currently using transmission client since it is directly supported by torrentflux ..

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