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Building a fish pond ..

Nah, surely I won't do it by my own .. the effort surely too much for me to take. It took two men the whole day to dig out the 9'x6'x3'.. it will surely take me a year to dig it out .. with all the junks left by the developer underneath ..

What kind of fish you may ask? I've no idea really .. but probably I'll go for the most common one, koi.. no .. I don't have any experience in rearing fish before, I know, it will be a hard job for me to maintain the pond .. and then not to let the fish die too soon .. hee..hee..

Day 1: Digging ..

Day 2: Nothing interesting, they just put a power point and stuff..

Day 3: They're putting a skylight now ..

Day 4: Further digging and putting a foundation to the pond (didn't get a chance to snap anything)

Day 5: The pond taking a shape, water feature, filtration chambers, etc..

No idea what going to be here too..

After weeks of no updates since suddenly the pace went slower:

Pebble-ed and ready to go.. but the decking .. hopefully can be done this week .. I'll surely need to ready the pond .. I was advised to fill up the pond with water and pour some salt to kill germs, parasites .. and acidic substance such as pineapple into the pond .. someone even suggested that I need to cut banana trunk and put it into the water .. this to remove the toxic from the pond..

Done with the decking, pond cleaned once to get rid of loose sand, left over cement etc. Had a problem before when the water in the filter chamber was so low and I was so afraid that the pump was too powerful for the pond.. turned out that the pvc conduit from main pond to the filter chamber was clogged with cement.. anyway, thanks AbangK from koi forum.. will follow his setup of skippy filter after I 'condition' the pond..


APRS said…
tumpang aku bela buaya dan memerang
9W2TPT said…
Aku rasa baik aku pi tumpangkan 'Awang' si-kura2 Zainal tu .. haa..haa..
Zek@9w2pro said…
Nak bela ikan ape?
Anonymous said…

Read "raistlin" suggestion in Koi Forum to use a ball-valve to reduce the water flow from your pump; avoid this as it would create back-pressure that would result in the premature failure of the pump.
Looking at your photos, the bottom drain to the filter appears to be a 40mm pvc pipe; this is grossly inadequate, as we commonly use one or more 100mm (4inch) pipes.
Get a new pump of lower flow capacity; anyway, your 350W pump running 24/7 would result in a hefty TNB bill! FYI, the most commonly used water pump is the Japanese-made Tsurumi running at 150W only, but then again, this pump would be still too powerful for your pond. What you would need is a pump capable of turning your pond around every hour. Cheers.
9W2TPT said…
Hi there,

Thanks for the comment .. that what I'm thinking, a 350W pump will surely drill a hole in my wallet at the end of the month when the TNB meter reader pays a visit. I'm going to do a survey at Pasar Road and see if I could get the 150W one..

Cheers ..
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