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Rooftop mini tower project

I am embarking a new mini project which hopefully can be materialised within at least a month time. It has been almost a year and my 10 element VHF yagi has been in the storage collection dust and my newly bought 3 element 10m yagi will surely does not see the light if I don't start this mini project. 

(just an illustration - one of the GlenMartin tower)

The design of this mini tower should look like a copy of the commercially available (at least in the US) from GlenMartin RT424. It will be at least a 4.5' high, aluminium made mini tower which hopefully could last quite a long time and withstand a strong wind. 

What I've done so far:

1. Bought 40' aluminium angle cut into 5' from Alumimac (not far from my new base). Cost me MYR 49 per 20'.
2. Have at least a rough drawing of the final product.

Thing I need to do now:
1. Finalise the drawing with all the dimensions calculated correctly.
2. Spend my time to cut .. cut .. and cut .. I don't have those electrical metal cutter or saw, so my guess using a small manual metal saw should work just fine.. hopefully...

I will update this blog with any photos taken during this mini-project. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: Read this!!! And be careful when working on tower ..


peihong said…
good luck....

jangan lupa update gambo
9w2pro said…
Pergh....kasi naik tower...baru power bang hamid...apapun jgn naik tangga sorang2...
jurukaka said…
Potong guna mesin bang...tebuk lubang mesti tepat. skru step by step... dan rotator dah ada ke belum? hehehe...
Asma Hamid said…
where's that tower? I can't see it at the top of our house.

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