Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Using custom router with Maxis / Huwaei HG850a BTU

I'm done with my migration from Unifi to Maxis FTTH, though a bit of hiccup last weekend when TM deactivated my Unifi, the technician came yesterday with a new password which work.

There are many people complaining about how restrictive the Maxis router is, for those who have Huwaei HG850a BTU, you might be lucky. Someone has come up with a way of replacing the Maxis Thomson router with your own and moving the VOIP to the HG850a BTU.

Here is the guide:

Few steps that you need to follow:

1. To get access to Web interface so you could save the current configuration
2. To get access to telnet interface
3. Have a VLAN capable router, or most routers that can be flashed with OpenWRT or DDWRT.
4. Follow the configuration as per the one shown in the guide above.

If you're not interested in getting the VOIP working, you could actually ignore all the things in the above guide. What you need is to have VLAN setup in your router to use VLANID 621 and connect it to Port 2 on the HG850a BTU.

Have fun .. and say bye bye to the Maxis FTTH stock router. You can throw it away or store it somewhere safe, just in case.


MOSHAZAT said...

you already tested it?
in the telnet part, after i done all part to set the vlan, and then i type save.
but after i reboot the hg850a, all the settings back to before. so how actually you save that part? is yours working?

9M2TPT said...

Tested? I'm running it right now .. Am using Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N as my router and my phone is connected direct to HG850A. Save? You don't save, read back the guide there .. you need to download the config, change it, and upload it back.

MOSHAZAT said...

i set the iptv vlan part on the hg850a through putty, but then if i reboot the hg850a, the vlan setting dissapear. how actually you keep the setting?

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