Thursday, 27 December 2012

JT65 - A new experience

Went for an eyeball (yes, two days in a row) with 9W2RUT, 9W2MZY & 9M2CJ last night and while browsing the Japanese Radio magazine that was brought by CJ, came across few articles on operating digital mode. There is this melodic signal which I was curious about and I've no idea what it was... until last night that it. CJ told me that it was actually JT65 mode. So, went ahead and searching for more information on this mode and found a software called JT65-HF. Did playing around with it this morning and found a new playing ground ...

BTW, it is a bit different with PSK that I've accustomed with, you need to wait for a turn to transmit, even or odd minute and need to wait almost the whole minute to get a text appearing on your screen. Patient seems needed if you're working on this mode :)

Here is the screen capture of my contact this morning.

I've used WSPR before for low power but it was more on propagation reporting tool and no QSO involved but this JT65 let us do a simple QSO, CQ - Signal Report - Bye Bye.

More to explore with other modes after this.

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