Sunday, 9 January 2011

Happy new year..

Probably a belated one, 2011 is already on the 9th day today. Nothing much interesting happening I guess since last October since I didn't post anything. Anyway, listed are the latest things (happening or in my hands :).

  • I've bought a Kenwood TM-D710A, replacing my TM-V71A/OT2/Nuvi350 setup in my pickup. 
  • TM-V71A is now my main 2m/70cm radio in my shack, I wasn't able to monitor or transmit on 2m/70cm bands for quite a while. I had the FT60R connected to the only base antenna that I've installed and it was connected to a TT4/APRS and acted as fill-in digipeater and TNC interface to my igate. The shack setup is now has TM-V71A, band B as data and band A is free for me to monitor any local conversation on the repeaters or simplex channels while not missing any data coming into the other band.
  • FT-60R is now temporarily retired until I can find a new task for it. Few of us were talking about satellites communication, probably now the right time to go forward with it. Found lot of hams are using FT-60R for it. Now, the raw materials are readily available.. need to find the 'urge' to start working on it :)
  • In the CarPC world, I've 'upgraded' my CarPC setup, it is running on solid state drive (SSD) now, after I had a harddrive failure, I believe upgrading to SSD is necessary. I'm trying to migrate the frontend from Centrafuse to RideRunner since RR has nicer support for my HDR (HD Radio).
  • Work-wise, I'm still stuck doing SAP development. But then again, I'm not going to venture out doing something else. I will eat, sleep, walk & program .. ABAP :) Office is busy doing an upgrade exercise, they're going to upgrade both the CRM & R/3 to the latest packages and I believe I'll be the last in the chain as usual :) Nothing unusual though .. 

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