Friday, 20 November 2009

What things running on my LHS?

It has been more than three weeks since I built my own headless Linux Home Server out of Intel Atom processor & motherboard running Ubuntu 9.10 server edition. I've been adding new things as I go along, getting more servers running to max out and justify me running it as it is .. a server. So, what've been running now?

1. samba - network storage for all PCs in the house (5 PCs running WinXP & 1 MBP on Snow Leopard)
2. aprs4r - APRS igate/digipeater to pass packets to and from aprs-is (amateur radio)
3. torrentflux b4rt - filesharing stuff
4. cups - sharing a single HL2140 laser printer for the whole house
5. firefly - streaming media files to iTunes media player
6. mediatomb - streaming media files to PS3

I think the LHS is still "under utilised" and thinking of adding more as time goes. For now, it is worth it to replace my old Buffalo LS2 to a full-fledge Linux Home Server.

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