Monday, 14 September 2009

Tracker2 + LCD and poor decoding

I do sometime clear up the Favourite from my Nuvi350 but it left me wondering why it took so many packets before a single callsign pop-up in the Favourite list. Wonder no more .. after I added an LCD module to my setup I found out that most of the incoming packets were not recognised by Tracker2 eventhough they came with a very strong signal. I have no idea if this has to do with configuration or purely hardware problem. I've a TT4 which could decode most if not all packets it received but surely I need to tweak the configuration. In Tracker2 firmware, I could not find a way to do this. BTW, TT4 is connected to a Yaesu HT through an audio cable while the Tracker2 is connected to a Kenwood TMV71A through a data cable. I've played around with the audio level going through the PR1 pin on the Kenwood but it doesn't help much.

Anyway, since it is hard to get a suitable enclosure for the LCD display, I just epoxy-ed the exposed parts & traces on the LCD and 3M-ed it to my car's dashboard..

Update 1: It seems lowering the audio setting on PR1 pin/Kenwood data port does increase the number of packets decoded by Tracker2. The default setting was at 9, I reduced it to 6 before and now to 4. Probably it was over-deviation that causes the problem? I've no idea really but will monitor if this is the case.


m0kxq said...

you do have the radio set to NARROW deviation and NOT wide

9W2TPT said...

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the suggestion. I've now upgraded to TMD710 in my car and have the TMV71 in my shack connected to TT4. It doesn't seem to have a problem with TT4.. so I didn't pursue this anymore. The OT2m is happily sitting at mountain top connected right now and works great with a HT as digipeater.

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